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Wanted to get out in front of the freezing rain and dropping temps today, but didn't quite make it. The boy was planning on going with me, but after getting pelted in the face with that rain for a bit while getting the gear together, he thought it would be a better idea to stay home and work on his puzzles.... Probably a good idea. I went out myself, with a new plan.

Since my "winterized" fishing methods have been unsuccessful lately, I decided to try out my warm-water baits and methods.

Fished from 12:15 to 3:00P

Air Temp was 51 when I started out, ended up at 43. Winds out of the southwest, gusts up to about 25 MPH.

Fished along shorelines on the windblown side, fished near a shallow hump island, bumping the heavy green jig along the sandy bottom. Fished low and slow with the black curlytail grub, fished jerky with the Rap. Also had a crawler under a float the whole time... Whenever I would move to a new location, I'd reel that in, re-bait, and cast it out while I worked the lures.

The green bait is a custom rattling curlytail with a tube pulled over top... Roger (Mickey) makes em, and they're deadly in the summer on LMBs.

No bites, no strikes, no fish spotted. Still have no idea what to do in Tennessee in the wintertime.

BUT.... Days like the ones I've been having lately... Make me appreciate the good days, THAT MUCH MORE!!!
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