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Im on a Ram and a Subie forum and they just changed to this exact format. All owned by the same people? hows that work?
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Yes I'm sure it is Verticalscope that owns them forums also. They own the Jeep Wrangler forum I'm a member of also. They do own a bunch of forums in all different aspects!
WoW, I just found out they own other forums I belong to...Crossbow Nation & Duramax Forum.
I keep getting popups asking me if I want to do assorted stuff.
Does she sound sexy? J/K

What kind of stuff Pete? Is it ads or for forum feedback?
Did the Eleven Mile marina reports disappear or are they part of the "premium" content?
ummmmmmm....we have never had separate lake reports unless members post as a report! And for the Premium Category, it is something new and so far it is empty with not any posts yet. Become a premium member and be the first to post there!!! (y)
A secret handshake and for initiation you must gargle with a whole jar of Crunchy Jif peanut butter!

In your member account settings there is a box on the left for Account Upgrade, click the box and the info will popup. There is a monthly charge but at this time I do not know how much. It has a few privileges to go along with the upgrade.
For more info on the new site in the far top right corner click on the 3 site navigation dots, click on FAQ and you can find pretty much everything needed! Stay safe and wash your hands!!!
Never paid extra for a forum and never will-
you wouldn't be able to handle the secret handshake anyway! :sneaky:
7 ads on this one page (not counting Jif :D )... I think this new forum layout sucks...

not to mention, I've been re-directed twice now, in the last 10 minutes to:

Scott, if you are having tech problems please post them in the ColoradoFisherman Site Issue category under the We Are Live - Community Feedback forum so the tech team can look into you complaints. Issues with a new platform will exist and they are here to help!
Turn on adblocker.
(y)(y)(y) THX Pete!!!
1 - 9 of 28 Posts
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