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The one fish you have to catch before you die

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I was just wondering some of your personal goals for fishing . For me I want to catch a double digit rainbow and brown on my fly rod . A 10lb largemouth in colorado water and a 5lb smallmouth. A tiger musky between 45-50 inches . I also want to catch a few grayling . And a 20lb plus channel cat . I think if i get that done you can put me in the box .
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As soon as you catch those you will want bigger one's! It could take awhile to get that L-mouth or that musky though.
yes you will always be looking for a bigger fish

but its fun looking
I would like to fish for jumbo peacock bass. Topwater of course.
McFish said:
I would like to fish for jumbo peacock bass.  Topwater of course.
HELL YA! I'd second that.

I want to catch a pike and/or musky.

[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
last time i was at the arsenal i caught a 38 inch pike on a red and white zara spook ..he went after it three times before i finally hooked him
In no particular order....

Either 1, a few, or all of these:             ;D

40lb+ striper or a

60lb+ flathead catfish or a

60lb+ blue catfish or a

10lb+ largemouth bass or a

4lb+ black crappie or a

Troutfishingbear-sized bluegill or a

10lb+ walleye or a

30lb+ lake trout or a

10lb+ rainbow/brown/cutthroat trout or a

6lb+ brook trout or a

20lb+ pike/muskie

20lb+ wiper

gargantua sized sturgeon

mahi mahi

salmon shark


blue marlin?

30lb+ king salmon

........ But most importantly, a CO state record game fish of any species

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3lb blue gill i dont think is to far out there

i like them big cat ideals 1eyeReD

and yes a state record would be cool

i think even a big monster carp would work for a state record

Easy. A billfish on a fly.
I just like catching new species, so I really dont have a 1 that I'd want to get before I die. But I'd like to fish a couple different countries before I died. Like South America, Africa, and Thialand.
ALIGATOR GAR !!! and a Peacock Bass. I'm going to Hawaii. Not this Thanksgiving, (2006). There is a lake on one of the islands that has Peacocks. I can't wait. My realistic, short term goal is a 25+ inch Pike, or 36+ inch Muskie. However, no matter what the next fish I catch is. I'll be happy  ;D      
Locally...the $25,000 trout at Aurora...about 10 years in a long as we are dreaming...wonder if they would bar you from the contest?...
id like to find a 44 inch musky or bigger to go under my pike. and i also would like to get a 20 lb or bigger cat..



I don't know why, but I love catfishing.
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I'd like to catch a nice marlin before I die...

As for freshwater, I'm happy with whatever the Lord decides to provide. The occasional big fish is always nice, but there are also many good times to be had with smaller fish of a variety of species, IMHO.
Heres one you don hear too often about...but its one that id like to catch if i had to pick one...its kind of like a brown trout on steroids. on a flyrod..well, that would be my ideal fish. strong, aggressive, and they dont mess around...

heres some stuff off the internet i found...i dont know anyone thats caught one yet though.

"The freshwater dorado is considered to be the single most challenging native freshwater gamefish of South America. It is a radiant, golden-hued, salmon-like fish with an extremely powerful jaw and razor-sharp teeth. Unlike the salmon, however, the dorado does not succumb after spawning and never swims to the ocean. The dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer and normally ranges in size from 5 to 20 pounds, although the world record is 70 pounds."

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A 200 + Lbs .. NILE PERCH

Theres many many many other species.. Maybe After catching all the fish Id settle for a WIFE ( a keeper ). And no None of the guys in the pictures would be a catch.

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