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My girl mentioned to me that I should stop by the swallows (SWA or BLM land or Something on the inlet into Pueblo Res) as I was looking for places to fish today. So I swung out there and it was bone dry, looked like a good place if it had water. But me and my buddy walked all the way across it and the Ark is flowing on the other side of it, pretty wide, pretty deep, and very muddy. I was wondering if anyone has fished the Arkansas up in this area above Lake Pueblo? Are there catfish in it? When I saw it I thought of the Platte in Nebraska, but the water was fairly cold so I was unsure if the cats would move up into it. We walked across it without our poles as we didnt know what we would find on the otherside, so I didnt test it out.
So basically I'm looking to see if anyone has fished up here, not the swallows since its dry but the Ark itself.
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