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Swollows has been dry for a few years now. If you go to the north side of the res. and turn right just before you get into the park you can go out to turkey creek. That is about what swollows used to be like. Its good for cats. Three years ago I fished the river down in swollows. It was not near as high then as it is right now though. I walked down stream a ways fishing the different holes with no luck. I was bored of fishing and just hooked on a grasshopper and a large weight and proped my rod up on a rock and walked down stream some more to see what I could find. I was gone maybe a minute or so and when I came back to my pole it was gone. :'( I sure thought that it was secure when I left it but sure enough it was gone. No one around for miles but me.
I like the swollows area, I go down there for ducks, doves and stuff and to just get away for an hour or so.
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