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the "troller's bible" 7 edition

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the "troller's bible" 7 edition

In hopes of catching walleyes etc, I decided to find out about trolling. The recommended book is "Precision Trolling" by Dr. Stephen Hold, Mark Romanack, and Tom Irwin. I ordered a brand new one from a used book service online, and it arrived today.

It came in a thick zip lock bag, and I thought, "gee, they really expect you to protect this on the boat! Imagine my even greater surprise, when I found that the book pages & cover are.......all made of waterproof plastic! That's a big plus for taking a book on a boat. Well, I gotta run, but more soon on this serious book.
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Re: the "troller's bible" 7 edition

(from the man who knew squat about trolling...Nawanda)

Okay, so "Precision Trolling" has no page numbers. What it does list is 125 different crankbaits, with a full color photo of each according to manufacturer & size. Each page has a chart, a graph of how deep the lure will be (all rated on 10# test mono) at so many feet back from your rod. For example, the "Deep Husky Jerk" at the exteme distance from your rod of 220' will be at a maximum depth on 10# mono of 19'. At only 120' back, the lure will be at a max depth of 16' depth. I guess these guys did a very scientific study of all this stuff.

I noticed that only a small handfull of Lures will go as deep as 44' @ 240' back of your rod. One of these is the Bomber "Slim Shad" I don't recall seeing any lure that goes deeper than 40'

Guess I gotta hunt down this trolling technology on my own, otherwise. I'm wondering if there are tricks to get terminal tackle deeper than 44'?
Re: the "troller's bible" 7 edition


Precision Trolling goes way beyond the info on the new lures box. Most lures give info in the general sense (2-5' or 8-12' or 18-24' ) whereas this book specifies how deep these 125 common lures will go by:

size and weight of the model of lure

speed of the trolling boat

how much line you have out, according to every 10' from 10' to 150' for some lures, and from 10' of line out to as far away as 260' from your trolling boat

Since there is so much variation in lure sizes, such as 1/4 oz, 5/16 oz, 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz, or 3/4 oz etc,....

This book is for the man who wants to know exactly what depth his lure is reaching.

Take the Creek Chub "Pikie" lure for example, on a 10# line:

With 40' of line out, it will reach exactly 7' depth

With 60' of line out, "............................" 8' depth
With 80' of line out, "............................" 8.5' depth
But you have to go to...
120' of line out to "......................." 9' depth

the Smithwick "Deep Super Rogue" will reach a maximum of 18' with exactly 240' feet of line out, but only 6' depth with 20' of line out.

I guess it's important if a fishfinder identifies that fish are at 27' of depth, and you need to put a lure right there. Some lures will reach it with 80' of line out, and others won't ever reach that depth.

It also shows the "20 plus method": if you add a 1 oz Snap Weight 20' from there lure, will cause the lure to run 33% deeper.

I guess the nice thing is that the chart on each and every lure's page is simple and easy to understand, if you take trolling as serious as the authors do. Heck, I don't even have a fishfinder, but I figured the book would teach all the basics of trolling. (I think other books might cover basics for a turkey like me, who knows nothing at all about it)

The book recommends Fireline etc, which I've seen that many walleye fishermen prefer, because it has 'smaller diameter' and allows greater depth than mono.

(sorry for droning on. I just find all this stuff fascinating, cause I've never trolled except to stick any old lure on and drag it around a res!) heh heh
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