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My uncle came up for some ice fishing this weekend. My husband and my uncle headed out friday afternoon and started fishing about 1pm. After I got off work I met them there about 2:15pm. We were fishing in 9 FOW on the west side. We ended up with the skunk friday afternoon. I lost a huge trout, probably about 24" and 6 lbs. My uncle had it figured for 30" but I don't think it was quite that big. Finally figured out why I have missed 3 really nice fish on my trusty kasty....had a bad hook so got that replaced.
Went back Saturday morning, fishing in 13 FOW in the same general area. Started out seeing lots of fish. Got set up and fishing by 9:30am. When all said and done, Jeff caught one 12" fish, my uncle unfortunately didn't catch anything and I caught 3. One was 12", one 16" and one 19" fish.
We caught on tubes and kastmaster, tipped with wax worms and just a plain old nightcrawler. Was really hoping to get my uncle into some good fish. He did have a pike strike one of his rigs and he was really excited about that. He was still talking about that when he left here this morning to head back home.
My dad is coming up next weekend for some fishing so hope we can get him into some nice fish. Well, till next week......tight lines.
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