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Looks like it may be an El Nino summer so the same weather we've been having for most of it.

The last strong El Niño - like what may happen in 2015 - was in 1997, and many Coloradans may remember it. In July of that year, flash flooding occurred in Fort Collins when 10-14 inches of rain fell over a 31-hour period. The flood resulted in five deaths and an estimated $200 million in damages, according to the City of Fort Collins website.

With increased precipitation comes increased risk of flooding, according to Wolter.

"Sometimes you get too much of a good thing. If you look at historical cases where an El Niño got going, especially in the last 50 years, the Big Thompson flood in 1976, the Fort Collins flood in 1997, there was some really big floods in and around Denver in 1965, those were all El Niño summers," said Wolter.
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