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Only two of them...both involve my quest for a 20 pound wiper...the first a decade or so ago at Aurora when wipers were a lot more many of the previous stories I was by myself...most thought I was nuts for going that day...shore fishing on the dam...winds were gusting over 40 mph...straight into the dam...the waves were was May a warm day I dressed head to toe in gore tex...for those of you that havent been on the dam is terraced still fell like if I slipped and fell I would drown...but when it gets like that out there with that direct wind out there fishing can be crazy and you always have it to yourself...well I hooked the fish on four pound line which helped for aurora's spring creek wipers (yes they can be line shy the only place I have seen it)... the water is gin clear water out there and even with the waves unless you are in the corner of the dam there isnt a mudline...not sure how long I fought the beast...surviving the first 40 yard run in what seems like 2 seconds is critical and the the twisting bulldogging runs start...they twist and turn and you can feel the line scrape across their armor plated gill plates...I had a net...a big net I always carried a net for this fish but again by myself and 4 foot waves I thought I would get him on his side and surf him on the top of a wave and into the net...the first two times to the net he still had vim and vigor and I swung and missed...hard to power surf a big fish on light line and control him totally if he has any fight left...the 3rd time he was whupped...on his side and surfing as much as I could with four pound line...he is lined up on top of a wave straight at the an airliner on approach...nose up line straining and a foot from the net the hook pulls out and the fish turns flicks its tail, dives and swims away...I can still see that fish in my mind's I was a lot more immature then...the rod some how survived a Z fit...I have caught a lot of them in the 14 and 15 pound range with my biggest at 18 and change...I got 3 great looks at this fish it was my coveted 20 pounder...UGH!...within a foot...

the other one was Cherry Creek Labor Day 2 years only hit that day on a blade bait...only this time he was mine I had braid and a heavy him in once and backed off saw him and thought I had him and he made a surprise line popped...I never break fish off even with light line and I do it with kite cord?!...Holy Mother of God!...

Those are two on my list that haunt me...
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