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I was at Pueblo Res, night fishing from a point I like... During this period, in early to mid November I believe, the water was pretty cold and I was fishing from the point, to two sides of this island. I hooked into something that totally owned me. I had on 20lb braid tied straight to the lure (jointed shad rap, in Tennesee Shad color I believe). This fish left. I mean, it left. And I was helpless. My buddy had gone home about 15-20 min prior. The fish eventually moved around the island, where I could feel it, but it was stuck in something, likely a few trees or wrapped in a rock or something. I was SO tempted to swim to try and get it loose, but being alone, I decided against it. I could kinda feel something pull, but didn't want to kill a fish I wasn't gonna land.. I pulled until the line broke... This one haunts me bad. I got sawed off by what felt like a big pike this year too... stayed down, moved super slow and broke a leader I knew was gonna break before I hooked the fish!!! How bout you, kid? Where's your story.
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