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I tried toothy critter tieable wire and didnt like it due to the same kinking problem...when Tony and I did the 90 tiger muskies trip caught and released we used a small black spro swivel (no shine)...a foot or 18 inches of 50/60 lb floro and tied it to the swivel using a clinch knot you could only use a few wraps and then used a pliers and some moisture on the knot to pull it tight...too many wraps caused bulk and issues with tightness so experiment at home with what you like and then we left the other end with nothing on it and tied the lure on we just tied up a bunch of leaders ahead of time and put them in a zip lock bag...or Tony did...I made a few out on the water...we lost the bag in the wind for awhile...I know we caught at least 20 fish on the same leader with no bite offs and no failure with smaller black spro swivels either...and the dollar japanese popper was tied direct with one of these leaders in the two short videos that follow...what an epic top water bite that

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