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Fordo, I can bite through the rio product... no lies. I still use 60lb fluoro or This rio product

That stuff is so tough, hard as hell and clear. I prefer it over fluoro at this point.

I did buy some tiable wire leader this summer and I have some things I observed. It is very easy to tie and it is strong as hell... stands up to tons of fish, only loosing the vinyl coating in some places, but never getting freyed on the metal portion. It is great for jerk baits because it doesn't effect their action. My biggest issue, is it is still waaaay more visible than the Rio product. I use the 60lb in the rio, 27lb in the tiable wire. The wire is just a ton easier to see in the water. It lasts much longer than the Rio product though...

This is the tiable leader I am using. It's way tougher than the rio tiable wire. It's impossible to bite through (for me). You will need some type of wire cutters to snip tag ends, (with the rio, you can use nail clippers).

I used the wire with some line through swimbaits and with some big glide baits. It performed great but again, was very visible.

You may have noticed I only used 27lb on the wire. That is because it is so difficult to cut, you don't really need bigger diameter.. I mean, I use 20-25lb test for my big game fishing, so no need to have heavier test than that in the wire. The Rio Shock tippet I use 60lb and for musky, I think I will use 80lb because we have had issues with fish biting through 60lb fluoro. That said, the Rio Shock Tippet is harder than Fluoro and even the biggest of fish have not shredded the 60lb in that product.

I have concluded that I still prefer the Rio Shock Tippet. It's super clear and super tough. I still get nicks in it and frays, so I have to change leders ever 2-3 fish, sometimes even after one fish... With the tiable wire, I don't really ever have to change the leader after catching fish. I will still keep the tiable around for jerks and maybe musky, but my go to leader for toothy fish will be Rio Shock Tippet.
thumbs up! never thought of testing the leader by trying to bit through it myself!
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