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Hey everybody,

I was out there, too. I was at the North West area of the group exactly one hole in from both the North & West edge.

I did not have any minnows but tried everything I had ... Spoons, shrimp chunks, mealworms, earth worms, PowerBait®, and night crawler sections ... on various glowing and non glowing jigs & spoons.

I did win some door prizes ... that was kinda neat.

Chad LeChance came by and took a look at my rig and did a short interview at about 11:20 ... Do not know where that (or if that) got put up on the Web.

Overall, I had a good time and even though people complain about the location of the "fishing holes" ... I thought it was fair and the only really practical way to be able to give out the live drawn door prizes.

Also fishing close to other people is a little uncomfortable ... but (and you have to get in your Texas accent frame of mind to read this) ... I've done fished after dark in them there "Fishin' Huts" they gots down in Texas ... an youall can catch lots a bass fishes standin' right next to yur buddy!

I would definitely do it again.

Tight lines everybody & thanks to Nate Zelinsky for getting it all together,

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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