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tired of ebay

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o.k. I've been out bid six times now and was just wondering if somebody out there might have a tilt trim pump for a 125 Force motor laying around that they don't need any more.

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Ive gotten rid of some rods and reels on Ebay, but i wont buy anything there. My girl friend has been ripped off a few times, which i find more than mildy irritating (i hate thieves and scam artists...they need to die, yup) and ive noticed that even when you wait until the last few minutes to bid on a piece of merchandise that sometimes it becomes like a ridiculous sort of "race" to see who can "win" the item for sale...even if that means someone ends up paying more than what you would buying it new, or for retail price at a store. i find this particulary so with sporting good items. its kind of like some sort of weird game or something for some people i guess...

theres better places to spend your money i think, with more secure transaction methods...and im not too keen on dropping alot of money of a piece of gear that i havnt even seen. its too easy to set yourself up for failure...
Yeah, perhaps my experiences are a bit not sure about the quality of the sellers my girl friend was purchasing from, so i cant speak about that with 100% accuracy. I just know she has paid for items in the past that were never recieved, or had people drag thier feet about sending items until she had to threaten to have eBay step in.

the "getting emotionaly involved in the bidding" is an accurate statement...thats what seems to be the issue when i watch the numbers skyrocket at the end of an auction and it exceeds retail price...

The only items ive tried to ever bid on were sporting goods stuff...mainly some high end compound bows and optics. its absurd to watch how the price on a used and discontinued bow jets up to what it cost new, or even higher is some instances. I imagine its the same for old roomate bought a motorcycle and also a ford mustang (if i remember correctly) on eBay, i hassled him a long time for that.....

i suppose this topic is getting a bit off topic for this portion of the forum...perhaps we should start an "eBay" thread in the "off topic" section lol
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