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So I figure since Im the nice guy that I am, Im gonna give you guys some inside secrets of what Ive observed as of now to encourage you to get
out and enjoy what we love most. Keep the rods bent and have fun.
Most are not spawning or cruising, but are waiting at ambush spots. Look for slight drops or a good transition area. Smallmouths are holding by rocky points and are aggressive. Got myself a jumper the other day.

They are everywhere on flats especially on the north side of the lake. Ive seen spawning rituals and most are cruising. The muddy back waters have been a sight.

Spawn has concluded in a lot of lakes. Ive seen alot of snake skin eggs wash on shore and in the water. Ive been catching a few here and there off in deep water, unlike very shallow a month ago.

Who cares! Find the crowds, find the trouts.

The post spawn is about to begin in the smaller lakes. Lots and lots of little fish,so keep what you can eat. Best bet is slow and constant. This is the time for those that always wanted a walleye, they are aggressive running the shore line. When the nets go out, I predict 1 week to consistent walleyes.

They are hit and miss. Dont follow the birds just yet. Lakes that are letting in water are your best bet now. My years experience with wipers this early is jerk and clousers (those that dont have fly rods, bubble and fly works just not effective as with a flyrod)

The spawn is about to begin. The females Ive been catching are loaded with eggs. The males have moved with the ladies. Find a female, find the rest. The crappies are staging go in and out from flats to drops. By new moon, Colorado will be in full spawn.

Hit or miss, the shad die off was early and thus the frenzy was quick.

Dont know.

Good luck and get out. Weather, no weather, fish are staging so remember slow and if your not losing lures, your not fishing the right spot.

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Great post.

Ill add a few tidbits based upon observations while on route. Fortunately I been spending a lot of lunches fishing. Most have been skunks but 2 days I was knocking em dead.

I been seeing a crap ton of bo's staging in the rivers. Pretty much find the inlet and throw hardware like kastys.

For what its worth... I also did a delivery at north sterling. They haven't opened the lake for boating yet, but I observed a lot of activity in the marina area with baitfish. Even saw a few topwater strikes.... Didn't really fish but just wanted to report what I saw. I bet the crappie are thick along those docks now.
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