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I have like forty listings on ebay right now. My flies are super durable and competitively priced. I have tungsten chironomids that would be killer for stillwater fishing, eggs that are pretty unique for CO and have many uses, squirmy Wormy worm flies and a bunch more. Check them can see the rest of my items by clicking “see other items” by my seller name on the listing. I sold all three of my 45 Fly Tailwater Assortments but I just ordered some new cases and will be coming out with more shortly. I also just ordered a bunch of jig heads, paint, materials, etc so I will be making hair jigs, ice flies, streamers, etc....very soon stay tuned. If you want to meet in Evergeen or Foco, I can do that, too. If want want a variation of something you see here, such as a different color or size, please ask. I’d be more than happy to accommodate you. If I don’t have the materials, I’ll buy em

I sold three of these Chironomid assortments just today....each color is also individually available by the dozen.

Great match for brown trout roe

Great match for rainbow trout roe

If you fish tailwaters, I’d highly recommend getting some brassies. I can do them in size 20 or 22 and have amber, brass and red. If you want these with tungsten instead, just holler.

More tailwater candy...

One thing I just realized I’m missing is some white midges. White midges have been one of my most productive patterns....not sure how I could forget them.
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