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1. Blue mesa. There are still some big fish to be had just not very many. There are a TON of medium size 15-24" fish. It's hard to get them above or below that. However, this past weekend I saw 7 caught around 10-12" and only saw 6 lakers 17-18". Maybe that is good or bad news, I'm not sure. Fish the upper part of the lake above the narrows for numbers of small-medium sized fish and fish sapenero and other areas like that for small numbers of a few big fish, and decent numbers of medium sized fish.
2. Twin lakes. With a slot limit still intact, this may be the best fishery to catch lakers between 10-20 pounds, however I have heard they have a problem getting above that weight because the lake is not very fertile.
3. Ruedi Reservoir. medium-sized mackinaw city. bunches of fish mostly 15-20". There are a few big ones left though. With the number of stocker bows they put in there they have a shot at getting large. Probably your best bet at a numbers laker lake besides turquoise.
4. Taylor Park Reservoir. Still a few big fish remaining, but once again not many. The lakers have great body condition in taylor though. Can either be dead or you can catch decent numbers. Mostly 15-20" lakers, but like I said the potential for big fish is there.
5. Turquoise. No potential for big fish, however there are more 15-18" lakers than I have seen anywhere. Any idea why the limit is only two?

those are the 5 I know the best.
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