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Trial Run @ Chatfield

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Arrived at 10:45am. Fished right by the north boat ramp. Tried large green night crawlers under a bobber to check out water. Pretty soon caught my first Smallmouth Bass ever! It was small but fun to catch. Switched to fly and bobble and landed 5 more. ;D
Chatfleid seems like a wicked choice for the get together. I loved the lake. I'll have to try the wakeless area next time. Any good fishing over there? Anyway, if it was closer, I could easily see it being my favorite lake. Nice size, lots of trees, river, and ponds!

I konw it's small, but it was my first one ever! :-[

Looking forward to the get together.

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I know a good taxidermist I'm not 100% sure they have a plaque big enough for it, though...

Seriously, though, glad you caught your first smalley...
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