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I have this one.

I chose to use one of these instead of buying a kicker. I'll tell you my reasoning: my engine is a four stroke so long periods at idle won't foul plugs, with a uncupped blade prop I troll about 1.8 mph at idle. I neeeded something to slow my troll below 1.8mph, so instead of dragging buckets which take up room in the boat, I bought the plate. Most times I troll without the plate down so I troll without it more than I do with it.

I don't know what kind of boat and motor you have, if you have a large motor (I have a 70), I would go with a kicker instead of the plate. To answer your question about if I like mine,,,, yeah, its ok. It's sometimes a pain to put back up as I have to raise my motor and put the plate up. Other than that, I like it and it works for those times I need it.

Yesterday while out fishing, the wind really kicked up. We were lindy rigging so we wanted a very slow troll (barely moving). To troll into the wind, I put the plate down, in gear and used my bow mount minkota to stear the boat. So there are more than just one use for the plate. Of course you can do that with a kicker too.
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