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Trot Lines

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I have not really researched this topic, but with all the knowledge on this site. I am sure that someone has the answer or have the place where I can look it up. I am interested in setting some lines for catfish but, am not familiar with the regs in this state. I caught a few cats on lines last week in Texas and they tasted really good. So I am really itching to catch some here in Colorado.
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When i ws a kid growing up in N.C. my friends dad used to set trotlines...or some he called "throw lines", instead of running a line down a river or across a lake he would sometimes set a line with several hooks just off the bank and leave it overnight. It used to be alot of fun to get out there in the morning to check and see what was on the other end...kind of like Christmas, except with fish instead of doesnt take much to get me excited.

Later, when i was older and in the service, some buddies and i would go down to some rivers and set "limb lines" which you just tied off to branches and attached a chem lite just above it so you could see it from down the bank...we usually sat next to a fire drinking and just hanging out until you saw one of the chem lits bouncing around, then it was a mad dash to get to the line before the fish got off....not exactly fishing to some, but it was still fun...
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