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Trot Lines

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I have not really researched this topic, but with all the knowledge on this site. I am sure that someone has the answer or have the place where I can look it up. I am interested in setting some lines for catfish but, am not familiar with the regs in this state. I caught a few cats on lines last week in Texas and they tasted really good. So I am really itching to catch some here in Colorado.
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meandmydog said:
i dont see the fun in this. no fight or thrill of the bite. this must be strictly for harvest.
i dont see any fun in sitting round getting drunk, but i sure more than a few here might list that as there favorite ast time, to each there own. if i lived closer to the trot line areas i would enjoy going out for an evening of setting lines especialy if i had a friend to go along someone to chat with and pass the time
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