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Trout for pike and musky bait?!

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Some of u slimer lovers will love this...nebraska and pennsylvannia are progressive?!
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I don't like it for here. Not enough water, more trophy fish getting killed.
I'm contemplating giving up fishing in colorado. Douche bags from out state are ruining it. Cotton pickers don't understand the antero effect. Used to be badass bobo pond but every Tom dick and hick know about it from the Internet. I'd focus on work here and save up for real fishing trips. Might have to go to Costa Rica and do some hobie fishing in some warm water next trip.
Antero is still a great fishery.... I used to think the same **** you did until I decided to shut the hell up and fish it, and caught slobs.

Instead of gettin mad... Use different tactics. Fish when nobody is there (think miserably windy conditions). The hogs are still in there... They just aren't gonna bite easily for the assholes who fish within easy parking access or the boat ramp.

The same applies for anywhere else here.

last antero trip we were the last group off the lake. it was so windy we could barely see the parking lot through all the snow. i dont think we caught anything over 18in and we were slaying them. it was -12 when we got to the truck. i will say i caught my smallest ice fish there. only fish i caught that was smaller was a bobo from rampart. i also havent hiked too far from the parking lots. that trip we hiked to about exactly the middle of both parking lots on the dam. are you talking about fishing the opposite end of the lake from the dam? you have any pictures of antero hogs from the past 3 or 4 years??? ive driven past the lake during the tourneys and i dont think there was anywhere you could set a hut that wasnt 100 feet from someone else. the whole lake was covered. most of those tourneys no one catches anything over 20in... so for a lake to have tons of hogs shouldnt someone catch one with 200 guys on the water???

last 11 mile trip i saw a dude beat a ma bobo over a rock that he caught fishing right in front of the boat ramp. so hiking across the lake isnt always necessary. ive seen lots of pictures of guys with hogs on boat ramps... boat ramps are usually right by the parking lots ;] i also heard and saw pics of 2 more ma bobos caught right at the boat ramp by shore guys.

ill put a few more trips into antero to see if i cant get luckier than the 200 guys who fish it every tourney.
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1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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