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Here is a little known fact I'll bet most people don't know about the S. Platte below Spinney.

I believe this is the way the story goes.

If not for Trout Unlimited, it is possible no one would be able to access the two parking areas above the gauging station. When you turn right on the road to the two parking areas, there was a small amount of private land you drive across to reach the upper parking lots. A number of years ago, TU purchased the land then donated it to the state of Colorado in such a manner that it can never be developed as private land. I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on television so I don't recall the legal term for this. Access to the river could have been blocked if the land owner decided to not allow us to drive through his land.

What I don't know is if the stretch between the dam and the gauging station would have been blocked by this section of land. In other words, we would not been able to cross private land to walk the river from the gauging station parking lot to the dam.

At the time this was happening, I don't know if the land that is now the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area was also private property. Perhaps a TU member could shed more light on this.
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