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I don't eat carp, but I have fished for them off and on for 60 years. many years ago my fishing buddy had a farm that had a house that sat empty 10 months a year. but when the fruit pickers came to pick fruit a family of 7 would move into the house to live free while the dad and the older kids would pick the fruit on the farm and other farms in the area. the mom and the younger kids would make the house a home. my fishing buddy and I would dig a can full of worms and head to a creek where young carp were always crowded in a small area where we would fill a wash tub with 8 to 12 inch carp. it would take the two of us to lift it into the truck, and we would take it to the house and give it to the family. the mom and a couple of the younger kids would clean and then cook the fish. we would do this 2 or 3 times while the family was in the house. they came back year after year and told us that they always looked forward to picking at my friends farm as they had a house to themselves and the fish we caught for them was a great help. many of the farms in the area had I big bunk house for the workers and no place for families , they also fed the workers on beans and corn and under size fruit. that family got paid the same as the ones that worked on the other farms but my friends dad would let the family shoot jack rabbits and I am sure a game bird ot two would help out on the food. so in the end they would make more money and live a little better than the other workers. the best part was after a few years they moved to the area and the dad got a good job with a construction company, the kids entered school and one of the boys married a bankers daughter after high school and his big brother married into a big chicken farmers family 2 of the girls married well also the youngest boy got a job as asst. pro at the golf course. and later became the pro there

so carp helped this family improver ther life drastically
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