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Royalwulff22, catch and release carp fishing is actually growing in popularity in this country. When I started my "CarpQuest" many years ago, it was rare to meet another angler on the bankside that was deliberately targeting them. The majority of those were subsistence fishing; which I have no objection too. The majority of those with a positive view of carp were the fly fishing community, whom have appreciated the challenge and fighting power of these golden beasts for years.

Roll the dial forwards 5+ years, I now often encounter other anglers on the bank targeting carp, catch & release fishing, both adults and children. I have taken many anglers out to catch their first carp, sometimes to assist with their youngster catching theirs. Each time they all have a look of surprise whilst reeling it in and a big beaming smile upon their faces as they hold the catch proudly in their hands.

Whether it be a catching a carp, a catfish, bass, walleye, pike or other species, we all should enjoy and make the most the natural resources we have at our disposal and encourage others to do the same. Carp are here to stay, they aren't going anywhere.

We do need to be mindful regarding the spread of the more destructive species, the bighead carp, the silver carp, the ones you see on you-tube leaping from the water and beating the unwary passing boater senseless. Its not uncommon for folks to simply lump all carp together in the same evil basket.

There is a huge difference between the feeding habits of the common carp and the "asian" carps (bighead, silver); which includes the white amur (grass carp). The later being purposely introduced for algae control in many of our waters. The challenge you get with the grass carp is, once they have done their job, then what ? stocking levels of juvenile grass carp often exceed the levels of sustainability once they have chowed down on the undesirable algae.

I would add that an overpopulation of any species, be that carp of otherwise, can be detrimental to the overall health of a body of water.

Time to refill my cup of java, have a great day !

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