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Carp were the first fish stocked by the govt in the early 1800's for food. They've been in most of our waters long before bass, rainbows, Browns, pike, and the rest of the non-natives. They've been getting along just fine withe these other naturalized fish for over 150 years.

They don't destroy ponds and lakes. It seems they do but that's just because they survive and thrive when other species die out due to other factors - over fishing, agriculture runoff, erosion and silt, poor pond/lake management, etc. sure they eat bass eggs, but so do bluegill and catfish.

There was actually a study I read about that showed that bass population and growth improved better than the control pond after the introduction of carp. This could be for a number of reasons but probably mostly because juvenile carp are good forage for bass. And, while they share some food sources, they aren't exactly competitors for food.

Carp fishing is a huge sport in Europe and across the world, but I guess it's kind of like soccer - just doesn't catch on in the US. They are easily spooked, challenging, grow huge and fight hard. While I'm still a bass fisherman at heart, there's nothing like hooking a 20+ pound carp - at least for landlocked states.

As far as "slimy", I don't find them any more slimy than other fish. At least they have scales unlike cats. As far as "ugly" they're basically the same fish as decorative koi just without the coloration. As far as tasty, I've never tried. But I've heard they're good if you know how to clean them and separate the dark meat out.

I love all kinds of fishing including carp. I think all nature should be respected. Other than invasive species, killing an animal and not eating it is unethical. Comman carp are not invasive and do just fine with other fish.
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