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So this summer our computer died... (It was really old)

We have a lot of pictures on the old computer we need to retrieve. I would've liked to have waited to get them before posting, but it's been about 3 weeks, and I was missing this site..

The 3 sets I really wish I had were better ones of my son holding fish (Although he's very into fishing, he hasn't been too into actually touching fish...)

My wife took the kayak out Bassing w/ me while I float tubed (my Mom & sister were out from MI, and watched the kids while we fished) Kara outfished me, and caught a ton of Nice Bass that day!

I finally tagged a Walleye outta my home lake (Estes)

Anyway, after the computer died we didn't take as many pictures. Once a card was filled (which we do quick) we'd have to take it to Wal Mart to have it put on a disk

I did a lot of Bassing

- Rocky Mountain National Park
& other high places

- Big Thompson.

& the Poudre

- I was glad to meet, and get a chance to fish with..

George - HogMaster
(marledge in background)


Ed - Lake1177
Ed was wearing an AVs sweatshirt, so I figured a pic of his stringer would be better.. >:D

I've fished w/


& JWufgaft

every chance I've gotten..

I wanted to thank


& krazluck

for keeping me updated, and sending me fish pics

I might be forgetting a few things..

Tight Lines!

Even after Sunday's loss, I still say GO BRONCOS!!!

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Nice James!!! Those pics are great as always...


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Nice to have you back in the saddle, James. My pleasure in finally meeting you. Glad you had some success on the kokanee.

Go Avs!!
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