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Tube boats.

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It would appear from some of the articles I've read that tube fishing on Colorado lakes can be productive and it looks like fun. Can anyone give me information on this and what type of tube/one man boat would be best?
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Ive fished a belly boat for awhile..until i moved up to a pontoon. its fun, but takes awhile to get used to casting from. you really have to adjust your casting style if you are using a fly rod to get your line clear of the water both on your front and back casts. also use a net, or be prepared to have fish tangle up in your feet if you arent careful when you get them up to your boat. as far as style, try to avoid a round one and get one with a keel-shaped body...its much easier to push through the water, especially in the wind. there are many manufacturers out there, but as far as a good first boat without spending a fortune look at Cabelas...they have some good ones. Caddis is one of the brands they sell, and Bucks Bags are also good. make sure to get some good fins, a LIFE VEST, and ensure your waders are adequate or you will get cold mighty quick....

if you are going to spend 300-500 dollars look into a pontoon boat....with oars and the works. much more comfortable, and easier to navigate with. thats what id suggest. if you dont want to shell out that much cash you can get a good bellyboat for around 150-200 dollars.

hope that helped some at least----
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Thank you. The pontoon boat sounds like it's a better fit. I'm not a tiny guy and my casting is not yet perfect by any means. I'll take a look at Cabela's.
Cabalas is great, but also check out Sportsman's Warehouse. Loveland, Grand Junction, Aurora, or Thorton. You could avoid shipping charges, and check out the tubes. They're inflated and hanging on the wall. They also have a good selection of pontoons. I use a cross between the two (I'm 6') It's a Water Skeeter brand. It's an inflatable pontoon. You're legs are in a little above the knees. I got it from Gart Sports for under $200 (on sale). It's nice though, you sit higher. Whatever you get though, invest in a rod holder.
If you are fishing larger bodies of water then a pontoon is a must. Getting stuck far from your car in a floatube during a bad spring/summer storm is not a lot of fun. If you are fishing mainly small bodies of water, then get a float tube. I purchased a base model, Water Sketter pontoon for about $250.00, 4 years ago from Gart's. I recently purchased all the accessories to add a motor this season, which set me back about $400. The reason I mention this is because all Water Sketter Accessories are compatible with all other Sketter boats. Pretty big deal when you are buying parts for a 4yr old boat. I like that as a manufacturing policy!!!

Hope that helps. Also look in to purchasing a rechargeable battery air pump. I purchased a Colman for $30.00. It fills my pontoon bladder in about 2 min. It feels good when my boat is up and running in 10-15min. I am in the water much faster then most other fisherman!!!
I just got a flyer from Sierra Trading Post and they have a SEVYLOR deluxe fishyak Pontoon Boat. According to the ad this is 6' 03"L X 5'W has oars and aluminum frame, anchor and foot pump. It has a list price of $429 and is on sale for $229.95. Is anyone familiar with this boat??
ive got a pontoon skeeter i havent been back in my belly boat since
Big Brown,
I went to the Skeeter website and they have more pontoon boats than a Colorado fly shop has flies! What model do you have and what are the pluses and minuses? Can these things be carried in the back of a standard car and how difficult are they to set up and manuever?
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