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I've always been a hardbait, spoon, crank, spinnerbait type thrower but this year I decided i needed to become more adept at fishing plastics.

So far I've had great success with the weightless senko and love it.

Today I was screwing around with a tube rig and was wondering how you guys rig tubes apart from the basic weighted tube jighead stuffed inside the tube and bounced on the bottom.

I came up with a rig I liked today (although I didn't catch anything on it...yet) I rigged a 3" tube texas style on a 1/0 worm hook and pegged a 1/4 oz bullet sinker about 18" above the tube.

This results in a suspending/ weightless type tube that slowly sinks horizontally (much like an unweighted senko) but also suspends off the bottom ahead of the sinker. When you tug and jig the rig, the sinker takes most of the movement of the rod tip and this leaves the tube with a slow pause-dart action that looks really a lazy minnow in no hurry.

I know this has been done before but I was wondering if anyone has used this or anything similar and how you all rig tubes. I have shyed away from stuff like drop shot and carolina rigs because I don't want to deal with 3 way swivels and trying to cast a christmas tree.
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