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In the southeast corner of Colorado fishing is limited to say the least.
Turks pond started life as a 55 to 60 acre farm irrigation pond. Today it is owned by the CDOW and is the only fishing access close unless you drive the 70 miles to NEE Grande or Nee noshae between Wiley and Eads, or the 80 miles to John Martin. Two Buttes is dry.
A friend told me he was at Turks last week and saw near a hundred dead chanel cat fish floating near the bank.
Last year the CDOW held up Turks Pond as one of their most successful projects because it is one of the only places in the state they can control the water level without help from mother nature. There is a deep well on site they can pump and maintain the level near full all the time when they choose. Today it is down several feet. The west end, where the dead fish were seen, is only 3 to 5 feet deep on a good day but today it is down to less than a foot in this area. Someone said there is some mataince that needs to be done on the well but the people in charge havent taken care of it yet. It seems to me they would want to protect their investment in the pond if for no other reason than to not loose the benifit of all they have invested in the past. It will cost a lot less to save what they have now than it will to replace all that will be lost if they don't do something soon.
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