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Turquoise Lake

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I am going camping up there this weekend wonder if anyone has done any good flyfishing the lake. May sneak down to the Arkansas but I love stillwater fishing. Any tips would be appreciated if not I imagine a scud and a pheasant tail would get some looks......
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You should have a great time. With a fly rod you will probably have better luck up by the inlet. Try some buggers as well. I don't think there are scuds in Turquoise, but I may be wrong. The lake is mostly rocky with little or no weed growth which I believe is critical for good numbers of scuds. I have never fly fished in Turquoise so don't take my word for it. I've only gone laker fishing up there in the spring and know there are tons of fish in there and you know there are some big fish in there as well. Have a great time!
The inlet is your best bet. Have also caught a few kokanee on a fly and a bubble but haven't fished there for years. The stream (Lake Fork of Arkansas) above the lake used to be pretty good for small fish.
fished it years ago at the inlet in a belly boat and used sink line and got small lakers on woolies. the area by the dam is very deep so is really only suitable for lures or bait. i was jigging sucker meat there and had strikes and fish on almost every cast.
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