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If you have not spent time in the Twin Lakes/Mt Elbert area, I'd highly recommend it. The campgrounds between the town of Twin Lakes and Independence Pass are very convenient to the Lakes, and are beautiful and spacious...perfect for the wife and kids who don't want to go fishing. If they get bored, they can always take the hike to the old resort of Interloken on the southwest corner of the big lake. It's a great to place to visit for all of you history buffs.

The fishing was very good this weekend, as well. We fished from the shore, on the south side of the dam. The rainbows ran 10"-15", were fat and happy, and fought like fish much larger. We used a worm/marshmellow combination and powerbait, but also saw fish caught on spinners. The one fly fisherman didn't seem to be getting any action. The best part, after reading many of your reviews on other lakes, is that this area seems to be a forgotten gem...there were very few other anglers.

That is quite the opposite of Turquoise Lake, which we investigated on Sunday...lots of people along the bank. This is another incredibly gorgeous lake, but we passed on the fishing, because of the crowds.

Hope this gives you all another option for a terrific place to take the family, and catch great fish.

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Thanks for the report! We stayed in one of those campgrounds with the kids 2 years ago. You're right, they are REALLY nice!! We stayed right next to the river... We also fished Twin Lakes that trip and did well on Salmon Eggs! It's a great spot!!


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Yeah I'm heading up there the weekend after the 4rth... Last year I was there for the 4rth and it was a mad house not 1 open campsite anywhere. Kids and dogs all over the place, and the fishing wasnt that great either.
Glad to hear you faired better then my last trip there, I love going to twin lakes its very pretty area.
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