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Well used quality Wenonah Canoes. I'm in Widefield CO.
719 332-9973

17 foot tandem Spirit 11 in Tuf Weave. About 88 lbs. $650.00
Two very nice wood bent shaft paddles.
Sliding seats for adjustment. black alloy trim.
It will haul two adults a couple of kids and a Doberman without issue.
Weekend boat wakes at Pueblo make you grin.
You can stand and sight fish if you want.
I have fished Trinidad, John Martin, Lathrup, Sanchez, Bonny, Pueblo, Antero, Twin Lakes and some others with this rig.

17 foot Encounter single in Kevlar. less then 50 lbs. $350.00
Two nice wood bent shaft paddles.
This boat was bought used after being damaged on a river. Its ugly but very functional, sold at a fraction of a new canoe in kevlar.
I fished with it for 7 years and its a great single man boat. Sliding seat. Light weight and seaworthy in choppy water. No problem hauling in Master Angler Carp out of Pueblo with this one. Fill it with Pike or Trout at 11 Mile.
Hull looks rough due to incompatible polyester resin I applied over the epoxy hull. If you are moderately handy, sand if down and give it a coat of quality epoxy resin. You could use it today if your not picky.

First come first choice on paddles. I can send pictures from my phone.

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Picture of the single canoe after catching a Wiper at the West End of Pueblo. Dead fish on the paddle.

Other Picture is January with snow at Sailboard getting ready to slab for some Walleye.

I'd be willing to do some trading.


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