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Two or three flies is the staple for me, even when dry fly fishing. When dry fly fishing the fish is already being "attracted" to a bug, but the refusal is common and this can be a great time to fish a smaller or different presentation while having the fishes attention.

It is not as easy to see under the water and when a fish may run from an attractor pattern, so if i do not get some type of action fairly quickly I do change and move away from an attractor type nymph and go all natural. I will commonly start with an attractor type nymph up top (dropper) though because if they are wanting some bling the action can be very fast and very good and even if they don't wan it but are moving to see what's up (an egg) then they make a swipe at my natural.

Although When drop shot nymphing I will commonly use my attractor as the bottom fly.

I am typically highsticking in pocket water as well but when I high stick or tight line (euro if you will) I do not use an indicator per se' but use my line or a sinking type indicator that has little to no effect on my drift.

So In a nut shell I do feel strongly that fishing more than one fly increases my fish count.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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