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Two Headed Wiper 6/23

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With all the radioactive talks about Stanley, I decided to go back out after work and see if I could catch myself a two headed wiper.  Just thinking about all the money Cabelas or Sportsman would pay me if I landed one. I was off on my journey to catch that one fish that no one has ever seen or heard of.  I know it was gonna be hard but I knew I could catch it if it was there.  So after work I stopped by Sportsman and picked up some fireline and new treble hooks cause those yozuri hooks sucks.  Got home and fell asleep.  Woke up around 7 and headed out to the lake.  Fished for 30 minutes and hooked on to a wiper.  Took me a while because I fell into the inlet I was lucky to grab a hold of a tree branch and pull myself out, with the wiper.  Didn?t get nothing until almost dark and hooked on to another one.  I was hoping for that two headed wiper but came up with just another wiper.  Got dark and came home.  Even though I didn?t catch that two headed wiper I was happy with the two huge wipers.  I know that two headed wiper is in Stanley but for now I?ll settle with the regular wipers. 

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Glad you made it out the ditch!

With the wiper too...
You know... The whole CO crew is going to be out at Stanly chassing your 2 headed Wiper now. With their snoopy poles ;D.

Nice...,  no, Very Nice Fish !!!
Hey guys it's me again showing off my catch. I was fishing the right and left side of the inlet the first being on the right side and the second being the left. I was using nothing but just my YOZURI's i used all the colors that i had. There about 24-25 inches and i have no idea how much they weight. There were crawdad fishermans also but the mouth of the inlet where they usually fish is filled with weeds and twigs so I did not see any one catch any. Hey thanks alot Matt and Nathan for the help. Sorry about your big wiper that got away it was'nt his time to be eaten yet, but if I ever come across catching him and he still has your lure I'd be more than happy to give it back. I'm done with Stanley this week. I'm having a wiper feast with my family on friday so anyone is welcome to join me. That is after I go watch Batman Begins. LOL
Hey yozuri where is the inlet at I live right next to stanley lake I can see the lake from my deck on the north side. Ive spent very little time there looks like i should spend a little more time fishing it. if you ever want a fishing partner sometime just give me a pm and we can hook up. Oh yea nice fish man ;D
Great fish Yozuri!...keep them coming!!
The inlet is on the south side by 88th and kipling. There use to be a parking lot there but they moved it. I just have my wife drop me off since i live so close. And the good thing about it is that u do not have to pay for it. I 've been seeing people just drive straight on 88th until they hit the houses on your left side and parking there but never done it.
I just looked up yozuri at and found several. Which one are you using, if you don't mind my asking, to kill these wipers?
Were you there by your self?

Nice wipers.

O and by the way, if your looking for that 2-headed wiper you should try using a 2-headed Yozuri lure. Lets see if they make one. ;D
Yes I was. Yeah that would be cool if there was a two headed yozuri lure made. You can always make one yourself by cutting the head off and glue it together using super glue.
Mark are you going out this weekend, this is Cher.
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