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I know a lot of guys that "specialize" in ultralight fishing for trout...its definately an effective way to catch fish, ive been skunked on many occasion fly fishing while they cleaned up with spinners like Panther Martins and Rooster Tails. Its especially effective when the water is high and off color a bit ive it will be a perfect technique to apply when runoff hits here shortly.

As far as line...depending on the size reel you are using, light seems to be the way to go---either 4 or 6 lb test. when using a lure that twists a lot (like a spinner) a snap-type swivel helps reduce line twists and kinking. also be careful how you spool your line, if it goes on your reel twisted...well it will come off twisted and create problems. experiment with line brands, some are limper than others and will work better for you. also dont over spool your reel with too much line: this also will reduce your problems with line twist. i like the braided type lines they have out there now (power pro and spider wire), but i dont know if they will work well for small stream applications due to the visibility you might want to stick with mono for your ultra light when you are fishing small clear streams...
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