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I have been in Springfield Illinois a few days. I am here with my grandparents and one of my little bros. we are visiting family and doing some fishing. My uncles pond here is amazing. It's the quintessential farm pond. Nobody really fishes it except us once a year. I've always fished it with spinning gear but these past couple years I've been using my fly stuff instead. I caught my first catfish on the fly yesterday on my first cast. It was a fat little channel cat. Didn't get a pic and am regretting it now but whatever. It's basically been crazy numbers of largemouth, big crappie, panfish and the occasional cat. There are also some huge carp but no luck yet with em. Check out the pics

Edit- i have like eight pics I wanna use but they're taking forever to load. If they're not up now, they will be soon.


1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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