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Wind, wind and more wind. waited for the gale to get down below 30 knots, and then hit the south shore at about 6pm. flailed away for about 45 minutes with my 7 weight while dodging tsunami sized whitecaps, and somehow managed to hook a wiper that was around 19 inches. nothing else after that, which is kind of usually catch a few or none at all. i was hoping this incoming cold weather might have turned them might of, but not where i was fishing apparently. perhaps tomorrow? my lone fish was caught on the usual standby...a white clouser. a few more guys moved in wading around the dog beach, but i dont know how they did. i still cant beats sitting at home staring at the dog or tonights episode of "American Idol"....yuck.

seacrest out! i hear you - my wife watches every darn reality show and if a few are on at the same time - she channel flips!

wind, white caps, etc. are the reality i like.

have you tried your thing up on douglas yet?

now that the boat ramp is open i might get the boat out and go - been trying to fish that lake other than on ice for 2 years.
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