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Wow this lake is really getting the pressure. I was out there for a few hours in a boat and it was as busy on a Thursday as it used to be a 4-5 years ago on a holiday weekend!.

I took a friend out who seldom gets on a boat and when I do that I like to let them decide where to go( so the rest is not MY fault) .. haha.. Anyway, for a guy who is limited to the bank, "the other side" is always intriguing. We spent most of our time on the eastern and northern sides of the lake, drifting worms or muscles under a bobber, or dragging the bottom with the same no luck, We also trolled at a 6-10ft contour with oppurtunity baits like small minnows and plugs to attract either trout or wiper. We did have a few hits but nothing hooked solid.

On the way back, we graphed the majority of the fish but they were suspended (5-18) ft in deeper (12-20)ft water but they did sem to be "feeding and active".

Water temp varied from 55 to 59 in the north shallows. Clarity was stained.

As stated above, I did not see much action either on shore or in boats. I didn't talk to anybody so no first hand reports from others

If you go out this weekend, the best item to bring.. Patience.... I think due to the crowds you'll need it, But I think the fishing will be good startin today ( based on my casual observations and reading here on how things work out after a small cold snap.)

Good luck and leave a few for me next middle of the week.

If you see a short middle aged guy with an old tracker V17 pulled by a tan 1988 blazer.
Say hi!.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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