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PescadoDiablo4 said:
good to know someone is hooking some wiper around home.  I was in town for a few days and fished my neiborhood pinery lake in Parker for some hybrids and NOTHING!!! Water was about the temp where typically I  begin to hook atleast a few.  I don't know though, since they made it public last year I saw a lot of wiper leaving on stringers. I have fished that lake as long as I have been alive and can't say in the last five years that I have ever been out on two consecutive days to get skunked there.  I might be having to learn union if this pattern of catch and take persists. 
Made it public last year? Union has been public since '96  or sometime around there, used to be Calkins Res, long time ago. I remember the first time they stocked wiper fry, I was like, wow, what are these, had never heard of them, and was about 13 years old.

Fiddle sticks, my impressive reading skills failed me agian. I stand corrected, sorry PescadoDiablo4 my bad.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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