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Union 4/23

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Fished for about three hours Saturday afternoon. Lot's of anglers out. I first walked to the west of the fishing pier and over to the little cove. The reeds on the side of the cove were covered with carp! I was tempted to put on a crawfish pattern and just fish for carp, but I was after Wiper.
The water was calm as glass (which didn't help much), and I didn't catch anything there throwing a white clouser. I decided to move over towards the dog beach area and work east. On my way over I saw a guy catch about a 14 inch wiper on a fly just before the pier. That got my hopes up and I went just past the swim beach and before the dog beach and started casting. Nothing! I tried for a bout an hour there and nada. :'( Oh well, I'll try again sometime this week. ;D
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I fished Union from noon till about 6 PM Sat. Tried trolling, casting, jigging, stillfishing minnows top and bottom. The only fish I saw was the 18" wiper a couple of guys gave me as I was leaving. At least I had dinner. ::)
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