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Headed to Union for a few hours today, but didn't catch anything. Shore fishing just north of the pier on the west side of the lake. Lots of other fishers out, but didn't see anything caught. I talked to quite a few others and they said they weren't catching anything either.

Tried using various jigs, using crawlers and also tried using orange powerbait. Only thing close to a fish was a 10" something that followed in to the shore. I couldn't tell what it was though, it was very dark on top. My guess is a wiper or walleye. I talked to another fisherman out there and he said they've been catching walleye there. Walley in Union is news to me.

There were about 5 or so boats on the water, didn't see anyone pull in anything either. I would have thought for sure with the weather as it is, we would have had better fishing. Better luck next time. I guess that's why they call if fishing :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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