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Union & Lon Hagler 7/5-7/6

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We tried Union for our first time last night, best part of the trip who a really funny guy and his girlfriend in the parking lot. Tons of bites and two BIG carp, our first carp...and all I can say is YUCK YUCK YUCK. I didn't even like the thought of having to stick my hand close to it to remove the hook and made Brian. ::)

Then we went to Lon Hagler...Thanks for the Tip Dan, I loved it!! OKay at first when we got there I thought it was really kind of spooky, weeds over grown everywhere, dead stillness, water almost too calm, lake really full. Not another soul. The sign said no fishing from the dock, but there was no one there and I was kind of freaked out so I actually made Brian pull the our van up where the headlight shone onto the dock, I thought Jason from Friday the 13th might have popped out of that lake at first lmao. Just gave me the creeps.

Then the sun came up, it was beautiful. There were pelicans, cranes, and herons all over, and one beautiful hawk diving in for fish. I caught one small cat, lots of bites before dawn, then the cats stopped.

Here is a funny one, I caught a 10" rainbow on chicken liver, yes on chicken liver...was still trying for it off my hook, went to throw it back and a pelican dove in and ate it! It was funny, circle of life I guess. But here isthe even funnier part, suddenly I had this lil grey heron, who had been fishing in the shallows, with no luck, come up to me on the dock and stand there, comfortably propping himself up on one leg. Brian jokingly said, "he saw you feed his friend, now he wants you to catch him one." I laughed and about ten mins later caught another 10" rainbow got it unhooked and threw it in near him and he dove and got it. We thought it would be too big for him to eat but he swallowed it whole. I got one more and did the same thing, then we had to head home.

*Please don't get mad that I didn't exactly throw the fish back to grow...I did throw it back, just helping the other wildlife. ;)*
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That wasn't really the right thing to do but I bet it was still cool. It was kind of funny reading it.
I drove out to Lon Haglar a few nights ago...and it was the same. very dark, very still, very empty...i walked out on the dock for a bit and debated fishing, but it was so still i had one of those "i aint gonna catch anything, its too quiet" feelings so i went and fished Union instead. maybe i should have stayed at Lon---i didnt catch squat at Union.
where is lon hagler at? What kind of fish does it have in it?

Tony M.
Yeah they are only about 5 minutes away from each other...
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