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union res. 5-12-05

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Nice little pigs!! You gotta be mean to catch those wipers cause they are mean fish!
Went last night also and cuaght 3, around the same size as yours. Were you the one over on the beach?
Nice fish!! What did you get them on?

Nice catch. I am heading to Union tomorrow. Any tips on what to use and where to fish?

Ive been to union 4 times this year and only caught one wiper. Does any one here have the banjo minnow i can use, maybe that will work.
Did you catch that at Union or in someone's kitchen?? :)

Nice catch br0!!!!

Yeah I was at Union last night.

I guess I missed it again! Dag Gummit!!!
Nice Job. Any details on what htey were hitting?

I'm going to try for wiper tomorrow at Jackson.
Caught on the usual...1/8 oz. tube jig any colors...also caught them on mussels and crayfish.
When you say tube jig, are you using a colored jig head, like a walleye style or.....? And what size tube?
Those are some very nice fish I think I just added Union to my list of lakes to hit this year.
When they're hitting, you can use any comb. Me personally I like to use minnow jig heads. I catch most of my fish on them because the action is so darty, not heavy and plain like wally heads. Minnow jig heads allow your plastic to float sink instead of drop sink. These fish usually suspend instead of lay on the bottom. They're great for shore or belly fishing but not trolling. My opinion.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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