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Ive caught wiper and crappie at Union, but ive never caught cats there...and ive tried many times. its like im cursed or something...

Ive not seen too many walleyes there. infact ive only caught one... in the spring fishing the north west end. I think i saw some pics of some Don B caught there awhile back, but i dont think its a place where too many people target them usually.

Ive seen trout there....stockers mostly, and its not very often you see any larger holdover fish being caught....mostly stuff right off of the truck.

Ive never seen a muskie there, but i wouldnt doubt theres a few...

If you are into them that lake is like a carp Disney land. They are all over that place...i hate those things, they are one of the few species of fish i despise.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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