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union reservoir

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Found out today that Union reservoir in Longmont will be open for day time fishing on March 1st, and open to overnight fishing and camping on May 1st. I really enjoyed fishing there last year for wipers.
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zman said:
are the size and numbers pretty good in Union?

I'd assume the numbers are pretty good in Union. That little reservoir gets fished heavily each year for wiper and yet, everytime I've gone there, I manage to catch good numbers. In 2003, I had my line broken a few times and I've seen some nice ones pulled out. In 2004, I didn't fish it much, but heard that I really missed out. I was busy pulling the fat wipers from Lonetree.

You may already know this, but it also depends on the school that you actually hit. I've been into even 18 incher schools and some times, 7 incher schools. My cousin went to Union during mid-last-summer expecting to just catch and release the undersized fish that they were getting used to and then found out that his 8lb line wasn't heavy enough. He caught a few in a row that broke his line. He went into town to buy heavier line and when he got back, the school moved on.

When it comes to Lonetree walleye, I haven't caught even one yet. But, you must also keep in mind that I'm a shore fisherman (only for now I hope). I've seen hardcore walleye fisherman troll all over the lake. And.... I know they're in there. From what the baitshop guy in Berthoud says, they tend to run small and that's if you get em.

When you come up, you ought to try Boyd Lake. I hear good walleye stories from there all the time. I've seen it before too. I've gotten nosey with boaters there before. As I recall, I've had a couple of times where I talked them into showing me their catch. Just walleyes!
Has anybody hit Union yet?
Oh.... So it aint open yet eh? Thanks for telling me! I was feeling desperate enough to consider trying it this week. Oh well, it might be snowing this week anyway.
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