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Waded the South side of Union casting clousers for wipers. a guy i was talking to that was fishing next to me lost one, then about 5 minutes later hooked up with a nice fat one about 18 inches or so. I on the other hand caught nothing... but i will try it again tomorrow. water temp varied from place to place, but was over 50 degrees near the surface. I saw a few fish working the top, but i didnt get to see what they were....wipers i hope.
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Good luck tomorrow.
Rottal said:
casting clousers for wipers.
Ummm... ??? Were you fly fishing ???
1eyeReD said:
Rottal said:
casting clousers for wipers.
Ummm...  ??? Were you fly fishing ???
I'm really ignorant when it comes to understanding fly fishing. "clouser" sounds like a fly fishing term. Anyhow, just curious.
sorry, yes i was flyfishing...casting and stripping a "clouser minnow", which is a popular fly pattern for wipers...and a lot of other species, its a good imitation of a baitfish. chartruese and white is my favorite color combo. i like red eyes, and also yellow for wipers...size 6.

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Cool, thanks.
Wipers are different...the will "root" and pick bait off the bottom...but my observations while catching them you need the lure or bait up in the strike zone where they can see it...they roam looking for food...I use leeches a lot for wipers and have caught many with them...with one of the pill shaped floats between the weight and the hook suspend the bait up in the strike zone...since I am home sick I loaded up on fishing is an interesting excerpt from the Infisherman 2005 Catfish In-Sider magazine on the difference of the feeding habits of Blue Cats versus Stripers (which are half wiper and is how wipers seem to act)...from the magazine:

When I recently visted the Oklahoma Aquarium in tulsa, the contrast in feeding behavior between blues and stripers was striking. I one tank, the state record blue cat - a 98 pound brute--lumbered around the tank in perpetual slow motion and in a predictable circle. Live fish swam under, in front of, over, and in back of the beast, but he ignored them. In the tank next door, a school of 8 pound stripers raced urgently from one end of their tank to the other in a random search pattern--eyes wide open, fins flaring and mouths puffing. A live shad or minnow didnt last 10 seconds with them, but a chunk of dead shad sat on the bottom of the tank until a scavenging turtle found it. The fish curator at the aquarium tells me that the feeding habits of blues and stripers are as different as night and day. The stripers put on a great show, they attack the surface in a frenzy as soon as the feeding starts, and the food seldom makes it to the bottom. So stripers are more aggressive predators with blues as suspending, lurking predators.

I have seen this many times at Aurora...schools of wipers racing up and down the dam searching for food...
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Makes a lot of sense. Thanks. I've seen wipers do that at Bonny Reservoir along the dam too. If lucky enough to see it happen consistantly, we would cast our jigs paralell to the dam and rip the jig back with just enough speed to not get a snag. Sometimes you would hook fish 1 after another.

I've seen whitebass run through the current of the inlet at Boyd too attacking jigs aggressively. I guess wipers get it from both parents.
Wipers usually hit on jigs in early spring first...particularly mister twisters, mini jigs, clouser minnows...etc. Once the temps warm up to about 58 degrees or higher, thats when they start hitting on baits fished off the bottom...although last year we did catch wipers in March on bait fished off the North Sterling...I guess it depends on the lake. Union usually always hits on jigs first, but this year has been slow as hell.
they are starting to do what ever it is that they do any way they were on friday i dont know any thing about wipers but they were schooling on the surfaces on friday morning i was using a floater original rapala and they were nailing it i just couldnt set the hook the colar was silver didnt see the same action on saturday
We caught 6 fat rainbows and one 16 in wiper trolling a silver shad rap rapalla in 18 to 25 ft of water in front of the boat ramp and fishing pier on Saturday. Fished from 8am to 3pm.
The feedback that everyone provides at this forum is outstanding!

The more I read the more I learn, this place rocks!

***Nevermind. I found it***

Thinking about going out there on Sunday. Does anyone have the address out there so I cant get directions???


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