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I envy the Union Reservoir flyfishermen.

I try to get my spin fishing as close to what they're doing as possible and still... The fish laugh at me. I think to myself "ok, he's wading and catchin em on this clouser thing so I'll wade and toss out some jigs and I'll probably do just as well.."

Guess what? HELL NAW!!

White jigs, chartreuse jigs, with pink jig heads, with no color jig heads, yellow jig heads, jigs retrieved slowly suspended 3 1/2 ft beneath a weighted bobber, without the bobber, rattle-traps, small red and yellow jigs, brown jigs, yellow jigs, small husky jerks, you name it... They just won't bite! This is embarrasing, dammit!

Maybe the almighty fishing gods are punishing me for talking too much sh*t to my friends about how much better of a fisherman I am. I really am good though ::) It's just that, apparently, Union Reservoir doesn't agree with my so-called skills.

Anyhow, just venting and whining about my defeat.

Note to the Union Reservoir flyfishermen: You people make me wanna kick myself sometimes for not learning the art.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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