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What an awesome day I had today. After skiing in the morning at Mary Jane, I decided to check out the Ten Mile Creek inlet to Dillon--it was frozen. I went to the upper Blue near Breckenridge. In two hours, I caught 10 bows and 2 browns and did a perfect mid-stream release on 5 more ;D. The biggest I landed was a 20 incher, with a 16 incher and a couple of 14's. Some were in full spawn. I caught them on a latex miracle nymph, and they really killed the worst tied egg pattern in the history of man. All in all, a great day. Even though the weather was terrible everywhere else (it was snowing in Dillon and Frisco), the sun was out in Breckenridge. Couldn't have gone better. I'll probably get skunked for the rest of the year.
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