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Us non-fly tiers

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I was wondering where everyone bought their flies from and around how much they are costing. I can't afford buying 2$+ flies from the flyshops on my way to the river. I dont tie my own yet.
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Blue Fly Cafe (.com) sells flies for under $.60 if you buy a dozen. Dry flies come in plastic tubs, nymphs in plastic bags. They are as durable as flies from the shops around here.
Well i am a fly tier but I hate tying prince nymphs so i go so sportsmans warehouse to buy them. Only thing I can tell you Epic is take the time and learn how to tie. it always seems my experiments on the vise work one day when nothing else will and I can't think of anything better than everyone sitting at a picnic table tying a couple before they head to the lake. I just had my fly tying bag stole out of my truck and for about a $100 bucks i have the material to tie atleast 80% of the flies i use. Its the darn hackle I haven't droped 50 bucks a neck for yet keep hoping i find a deal on ebay......

Ooops - I responded to jfish when it should have been ePIC. Sorry! jfish - I appreciate the tip on Blue Fly Cafe - a lot of fishing is about garnering knowledge and tips, isn't it? I'll give them a look because there are always patterns that I hate to tie (most dries anyway).

Hey!! Not sure where my previous, long winded response went to. As I was typing it I got a notice that another reply had been posted so I guess my first reply went out to vaporland.

[jfish you can disregard my previous apology]

The gist of my reply was that the foundation of any fly is the hook. The lower the quality hook, the lower the quality of the fly. A beautiful fly tied on a cheap hook (i.e dull, too light or heavy, brittle or flimsy) will only drive you nuts as you lose fish or can't set the hook. My experience with online flies has been that they are made of inferior materials, poorly tied and use cheap hooks. [But I'll still check out Blue Fly Cafe]. The $2 flies are ocassionally as bad and cheap and that really hacks me off. But generally the local shops sell high quality stuff.

I'm not a big fan of the flies from Sportsmens Warehouse but do like to stop at Jacks in Ft. Collins on my way out of town to fish the Poudre or North Park. The flies may be the same as those from Sportsmens Warehouse but Jacks is definitely a cooler store - you should check it out. [Note: if I remember correctly there are 2 Jacks in Ft. Collins, you'll want the first one out of town, the second is a farm.ranch supply shop I believe].

Hope this helps - too bad I lost my first reply, it was much better.
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Garts has flies for .99 and on sale for .79 some times.
i like Ligas Flies in Boulder. 3000 Folsom. 303-443-3144.
Hours 12-5. he has a large selection of flies at $1.10.even the streamers are around that price. also,if you get on their mailing list they send out sale postcards. the latest one is $5 off $25 spent or 10 off 50 spent. sometimes they have 50% off sales. right now all fly tying stuff is 50% off.his website is
hope this helps.
try KBE flies....ive bought some really good patterns from this guy (whom works out of his basement in Boulder) and the prices are around 10-12 dollars a dozen. i usually take pride in tying my own patterns, but i get lazy with some patterns (mostly dries like royal wulffs, certain split tail spinners, parachute adams and those pain in the a$$ deer hair humpies) so its cheaper and easier for me just to buy a few dozen at the beginning of each spring than it is to buy all the hackle and other material to tie just a few. The owner told me a lot of thier flies are (curiosly enough) tied by guys in prison...better to sit and tie flies for money in a jail cell i guess than hang out in the shower and be "Big Earl's" girlfriend.

anyways take a look at it and give them a call...the guy might let you go pick out your flies from his stock in his basement if you have the time and are spending more than a few dollars.
I also am new to Colorado fly fishing and do not tie flies. I have purchased a number of flies from "the Mighty Fly" in California. The have an easy to use web site and the flies are well tied and $.60 each. Min. for each pattern is 3 flies. Delivery is free if you buy $25 worth. It usually takes about 3 days and I'm in Florida.
I've also bought some at $4.95 per dozen in units of 1 dozen min.
Tight lines,
Bill Hadley ::)
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